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Precision Assemblies
XLI Corporation offers mechanical assembly, electromechanical assembly, and functional test services that build upon our capabilities and expertise in precision manufacturing technologies to provide completed products that are ready for installation and use.

Our services are oriented toward the precision manufacturing of assemblies and subsystems used for:

Medical Equipment
Mass Data Storage
Circuit Board Insertion
Digital Imaging and Printing
Manufacturing Automation
Office Automation
Process Control

Assembly Services
From the simple application of adhesive labels to the complete fabrication of precision electromechanical assemblies and systems, XLI can provide cost effective assembly services for your projects.

We have extensive experience in providing both cosmetic and noncosmetic assemblies in a wide variety of materials including
plastics, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. We also can provide purchased components such as motors, wiring harnesses, injection molded parts, pulleys, belts, and other components needed to complete your assemblies.

Functional Test Services
XLI can provide test design and build services and burn-in, mechanical integrity, and functional test services for simple or complex assemblies to ensure that completed units can be installed in your equipment with confidence anywhere throughout the world.


XLI can provide remanufacturing services to economically restore used equipment to a fully functional status.

Quality and Productivity
Our assembly and test services are performed in accordance with internally
developed procedures and work instructions to ensure that quality and productivity are achieved for each project. Our procedures and work instructions are fully documented with CAD drawings, digital photographs, process routings, data collection forms, and additional elements as required for complete control of the manufacturing process in a lean manufacturing environment.

Complete Capabilities
Our internal capabilities for prismatic machining, rotational machining, and sheet metal fabrication can be combined with materials and services from our network of approved suppliers to provide the complete array of materials, components, and services needed for success with your projects.

XLI also offers complete flexibility for shipping finished assemblies including the use of specialized packaging, lint free sealed bags, reusable containers, export documentation, and bar coded labels as required to meet your specifications.

Choose XLI
Whether you need prototypes, pilot runs, Just-In-Time (JIT) production, Kanban programs, or lean manufacturing based support, choose XLI as your source for precision mechanical assembly, electromechanical assembly, and functional test services.

Contact us today to experience the XLI advantage on your projects.

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