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Expert Assistance
XLI Corporation provides specialized design engineering, design for manufacturability, and design for assembly services to help ensure that the most productive and cost effective manufacturing methods can be used to produce your products.

With broad experience in prismatic machining, rotational machining, sheet metal fabrication, and assembly and test services, our team of manufacturing engineers is ready to provide the expert design assistance you need for success with your projects.

From Concept To Reality
Through our design engineering services, XLI can help your company transform concepts, preliminary designs, or prototypes into finished product designs that can be manufactured quickly and cost effectively through our precision manufacturing services in prototype through production quantities.

Improved Performance
If your company is trying to achieve improved performance, enhanced reliability, and reduced manufacturing costs for your existing products, XLI can help. Just provide us with your existing design information and tell us your goals, objectives, and budget. We’ll work with you to develop an approach that makes it possible for your products to successfully compete in today’s global economy.

Test Design
XLI can provide test design and build services for burn-in, mechanical integrity, and functional tests that are required for your products.


Maximum Productivity
Through two way electronic data transfers, XLI can work collaboratively with your engineering and manufacturing professionals from the earliest possible design stage for maximum design productivity and faster time to market.

We can also help your company respond to constantly changing market conditions through modifications of existing product designs to produce new models or new product variants at the lowest possible cost.

Reverse Engineering
For remanufacturing or other applications, XLI can provide comprehensive reverse engineering services including measurement and analysis of existing components, engineering drawings, and replacement parts in prototype through production quantities.

Advanced Technologies
Our design engineering capabilities are supported through advanced computer hardware and software technologies

  • SolidWorks
  • Mastercam
  • AutoCAD
  • Microsoft Project

Choose XLI as your source for specialized design services needed to ensure the manufacturability of your products.

Contact us today to experience the XLI advantage on your projects.

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