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CNC and Conventional
XLI Corporation offers both conventional and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining capabilities for precision manufacturing of prismatic components. In prismatic machining, part surfaces are presented to tools in sequence until all operations are complete. By combining our CNC equipment with specialized rotary fixtures the number of set-ups can be reduced while improving the accuracy and repeatability of part feature locations.

CNC Machining
XLI’s CNC prismatic machining capabilities are provided through high speed vertical or horizontal CNC machining centers with up to four axes of simultaneous control for:

   • Milling
   • Drilling
   • Tapping
   • Boring
   • 3D Contouring

CNC programs can often be created directly from your CAD drawing files. We also have complete capability for CNC programming and direct downloading of programs to our machining centers.

Conventional Machining
XLI’s conventional machining capabilities are provided through manual or semiautomatic mills, lathes, grinders, saws, keyseaters, and finishing equipment for boring, cutting, drilling, broaching, grinding, milling, tapping, and turning.

Our combination of CNC and conventional machining provides flexibility in meeting your overall requirements for completely finished components in prototype to production quantities.


Broad Material Selection
We have extensive prismatic machining experience with a wide variety of materials including:

   • Brass
   • Plastics
   • Steel
   • Stainless Steel

Our worldwide network of suppliers can provide us with the raw materials, extrusions, castings, forgings, or weldments needed for your projects.

Specialized Services
In addition to our capabilities for CNC and conventional prismatic machining, we also have reliable sources for specialized services such as:

   • Heat Treating
   • Coating
   • Painting
   • Plating
   • Silk Screening

We can provide completely finished components that are ready for assembly at XLI or at your facilities.

Choose XLI
Whether you need prototypes, pilot runs, Just-In-Time (JIT) production, Kanban programs, or lean manu-facturing based support, choose XLI
as your source for precision prismatic machining services.

Contact us today to experience the XLI advantage on your projects.

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