The following are industries we serve:

Medical Diagnostics

Our customers are trusted partners for hospitals, lab networks, and blood banks around the world.

Digital Medical Imaging

XLI supports the manufacturing of X-Ray and orthopedic equipment used in imaging labs and offices.


We enable the growth of optics in consumer, health & science, defense, and transportation markets.


Our customers are the life blood for defense contractors, driving continued innovation.


Leading firearm OEMs utilize XLI’s expertise in manufacturing and assemble to receive a one-stop shop for their needs.


Manufacturers of hunting and angling equipment routinely partner with XLI as their source for their most important projects.


Our customers are large telecom customers looking to drive the growth of 5G networks around the world.

Oil and Gas

Whether it is built for harsh environments or the toughest pressure applications, we deliver.

Business Process Automation

For decades, some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies look to XLI for their most complex assembly projects. The business process automation industry is no exception.